Last week hello new look website. This week, hello blog!

I haven’t got around to doing a blog before which had something to do with living in a country without a reliable internet connection but it was mostly because I was afraid I wouldn’t have the time to post regular updates.

But that’s a thing of the past.

A few months back I relocated to glorious Freshwater on Sydney’s Northern Beaches after six years living and working as a portrait photographer in Shanghai and Singapore. Whilst I loved photographing clients around bustling streets, ancient temples and quaint gardens (or when the weather was rubbish in my cosy studio), I spent many a moment dreaming about the day I would open up in Sydney. I am thrilled to back, smelling the salty air and having the Northern Beaches as my backdrop…and I’m pretty happy that I'm finally getting the social media end of Julie Steele photography up and running too.

Once I get going I'll be posting images from recent shoots, special offers, useful photography tips and fab finds in the local area. In all honesty after being gone so long I feel like the new kid on the block (or more appropriately, ‘new kid of the beach’). I'm excited to be exploring Sydney again, meeting and getting to know local suppliers and working out which are my favourite locations (other than Freshie that is!).

So… welcome! I hope you like this blog and stay with me.

Stay tuned for news on a very exciting give-away.