Working on special or philanthropic projects is an important part of the work I do. As a visual story teller I really do believe the old saying, 'A picture says a thousand words' and I hope that through my personal and charity projects I am able to give something back to the communities where I have lived.

Heart to Heart Shanghai

Whilst living in Shanghai, China I was drawn to the work of a particular community outreach organisation, Heart to Heart Shanghai. Working with a small team of expat women, we wanted to help the organisation raise funds and raise awareness for the wonderful work they do.

Images From The Heart is a collection of 100 beautiful photographs celebrating the work of Heart to Heart Shanghai. Insightful and heart moving, it shows how Chinese children with life threatening heart conditions have been given the gift of life saving surgery through the work of Heart to Heart Shanghai. To date Heart to Heart Shanghai has saved more than 600 lives. It also shows the breadth of Heart to Heart Shanghai’s community outreach program.

Images From The Heart is a photographic celebration of the power of a hybrid community - international expatriates and locals - to help these sick children and indeed the rural communities from which they come. All proceeds will go towards life saving surgeries.

The photo-book is now available for sale:

For Australian Sales, please contact Julie; For Shanghai sales, please contact  Heart to Heart Shanghai For more information on Heart to Heart Shanghai visit their website:

Last updated January 2014






Pamper the Parents

My gorgeous friend and hairdresser Nicky Cassidy of Cassidy's in Freshwater near Manly on the Sydney Northern Beaches is the driving force behind this wonderful charity, Pamper the Parents. I was one of many involved the 2013 event and will be there again in 2014. Money raised at this event went to the ever so important children's hospice Bear Cottage.

Pamper the parents link -

Bear Cottage -